OnePlus TV: Everything You Need to Know About Oneplus Smart TV

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September 2018 was quite surprising for the world as the Chinese company OnePlus announced its vision on developing a key product which is going to be distinctive from the smartphones. The company had an aim to offer an exceptional experience in watching TV by making smart TVs.

Thanks to CEO Pete Lau it’s all most official that OnePlus revealing one of its primary product, and for your kind information it is not any top-end smartphone but OnePlus 4k Smart TV.

The launching of OnePlus TV is round the corner, and the Chinese smartphone manufacturer is planning to launch this in India in the coming month. As per the source, the Shenzhen based company could unveil the smart TV in between the 25th of September to the 30th of September 2019. It further discloses that OnePlus sources the panels for its 4k Smart TVs from TPV Display Technologies.  

The outset of this significant launch will be in India and will reach in the US and other markets afterwards. The company likes to make some notable changes in your usual TV watching experience through OnePlus Smart TV. It also comes with an assertion of superior software quality with an amalgamation of top-class hardware.

CEO Pete Leu also has confirmed the name as well as the official logo of this forthcoming TV on the support forums at on the 14th of August 2019. According to the source, the logo of OnePlus TV is stimulated by classic geometric progression. You can also envisage some conventional art forms like mandala the ancient Hindu symbol and Heraion of Argos the ancient Greek temple. The Chinese mobile manufacturer also used identical thickness for the brand logo and letters to showcase symmetry and unity.

The conception of OnePlus TV came into existence when the TV naming competition materialised last year in September. The main motto of that competition was to find an appropriate name for the first OnePlus smart TV. The thing was entirely new for this Shenzhen based company who has renowned for manufacturing flagship smartphones only.


Design and Features of OnePlus Smart TV 

OnePlus is known for its simplicity and minimalism design from the beginning. Hence the smart TV also a synonym of this and should not have any unusual design and weird add-ons or manoeuvres. It could be similar to the modern-day TV with all the smart features if we go with the OnePlus support forums.

The OnePlus logo will be at the middle of the smart TV’s bottom like the flat-screen TVs available in the market. The base of OnePlus 4k Smart Tv is likely to be a metal or metal-looking cylinder. In all probability, you can hang your OnePlus TV with a wall mount if running out of space.

The smart TV is expected to come in four sizes such as 43 inches, 55 inches, 65 inches and 75 inches. The first phase of the launch of this smart TV is going to happen in India and followed by the US and China. India is expected to receive a 43 inch TV on the 26th of September most probably along with Bluetooth 5.0, Wi-Fi and HDMI connectivity. It also comes with 4k resolution as well as HDR support.

According to the sources, it will be an Android TV and will offer a matchless Android TV experience. The aim behind this unique version of Android is to stay ahead and distinctive from the other players in the 4k and smart tv market.

You can also expect QLED display and the operating system of this smart TV quite similar to the premium brands like Sony and Samsung. The Indian users are also likely to get a launch of one smart and premium TV at the initial phase, and it can be 43 inches or 55 inches according to the company’s Twitter handle.

Besides this, it has been confirmed that the smart TV will feature eight speakers with an output of 50W altogether. It ensures high audio quality and offers hard-hitting bass to fill up your room. Furthermore, the OnePlus TV supports Dolby Atmos, and you can live through a unique surround sound.

As a committed user, you can experience the same features for which the OnePlus smartphones are popular. The smart TV is going to offer solid basics and premium feeling with a comparatively lower price and consideration to the details.

The function of OnePlus 4k smart TV is going to be smooth and swift, and the software is entirely flawless to offer a delightful TV watching experience to the user.  According to the source, there will be a single OnePlus TV variant like how the smartphone had come into the market in the past with an approach one-market-one-TV. So the single screen size TV will deliver the best possible experience with all the premium features along with reasonable price tag.

The OnePlus 4k smart TV also houses appropriate hardware to play HDR 4k videos and likely to come with a MediaTek MT5670 SoC and paired with Mali G51 GPU. The Chinese mobile and accessories manufacturing company also made Gamma Colour Magic processor for the debutant OnePlus smart TV. The processor is the true synonym of best-in-class image quality. User can also come across a customized QLED TV panel with the Tv along with widest colour gamut.

The sources from OnePlus forums also confirms that the remote of this smart TV is going to be unique and will furnish a dedicated Google Assistant button. The remote also features a USB type C port, a menu button and other navigation buttons.

You can find bit similarity in between OnePlus smart TV remote and the Apple TV remote. A touchpad-type layout is likely to be on the top of the remote as well. Furthermore, there will be volume up and down button just like on a phone and tablet in the remote, which is completely unique in terms of a remote.

It also houses a volume rocker on the right side, and the touchpad is for scrolling the content and menus along with a blank button with no specification. The function of this button could be revealed on the later stage.
The remote also features a type-C slot right at the bottom for charging the device. But remember it could also get an option of wireless charging.

The company also guarantees three years of the update for the OnePlus 4k smart TV along with security patches. As a user, you can go through a feature-rich, smooth and premium TV watching and seamless blend of software and hardware.


Significant Features of Oneplus Television

  • 4K QLED which redefines the visual experience
  • Dolby Vision for matchless colour, contrasts and brightness for your video content
  • 50W output with hard-hitting bass
  • Dolby Atmos for cinematic sound

The OnePlus Smart 4k TV can offer a smart experience through voice control feature, seamless smartphone integration and due to customized TV experience. The smart TV is likely to be fuelled by Android and the above functions make the TV stands out from its competitors. According to the sources, it can also work as a true smart home controller by integrating with Google Assistant.


 Expected Price of OnePlus 4k Smart TV

The price of OnePlus 4k Smart TV is unknown till date still we can expect that it will be cheaper as compared to the other smart TVs available on the market. The approach related to defining the price might remain the same as One Plus One smartphone. The company could sell the smart TV at a lower cost for massive selling, and then it can surge the price once it gets to hold the market.


Wrapping Up

The first smart TV from OnePlus could be a major hit al over the world like its range of smartphones. The TV will take off its journey from India, and Amazon India will be the prime partner and launchpad for this. Later the TV will launch in North America, China, the US and Europe.

The smart TV will come with an AI-powered voice assistant like Alexa or Google Assistant.


Disclaimer: Although the features and news regarding the OnePlus Smart 4k TV are speculative, this is only we can access until the official launch, For confirmation Wait till the launch.